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 Elsa Sell, MD


Elsa is a physician, retired from clinical neonatology practice where her research focused on newborn development and later outcome of infants receiving newborn intensive care.  She has published numerous research papers on these topics and provided training in NIDCAP® (Newborn Individualized Developmental Care Program) in the USA and internationally.

Elsa has been a member of the BCCA since 1987, served as Health Committee Chairperson for 3 years during which time the second health survey was done (1996-1998); currently she is herding committee chair (2009 to present) and manages the BCCA herding electronic database. She received the BCCA Member of the Year Award in 1997.  She started The Bearded Collie Foundation for Health in 1999 and currently serves as president, treasurer, and web master.  

She has been a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America since 1991, served on its ad hoc IT committee in 2007 and, is the health information coordinator (2007 to present).  The PWDCA awarded Elsa with the President’s Award in 2015 for the extensive work involved in designing a breed health survey, analysis of the data, and preparation of a detailed report.

Elsa was honored in 2018 to receive the The Dorothy Jarrett Memorial Trophy for Personality of the Year 2017 from the Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club.

Elsa’s dogs' conformation titles include 4 champions (1 a Portuguese Water Dog, the others, Beardies); performance titles include:  obedience (novice 3, open 3, utility 3, U-CD 1) and herding (2 HT, 4PT, 2 AHBA JHD, 2 AHBA HTD II-s, 2 AHBA HTAD II-s, 2 AHBA HRD II-s, 3 HSAs, 1 HSAsd, 1HIAsd, 1 HXAsd).  She has been  a director, web lady, and secretary for the North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association.

Since arriving in Georgia Elsa and Bill have managed a cow/calf operation which provides replacement heifers for the herd or private treaty sales, steers for custom grain fed beef that is sold to local customers and bulls for a development program.  They initiated K-Line irrigation for half the farm pastures in 07 because of long standing drought in the area. Herd size has been reduced in recent years and the farm will soon be leased to a promising young cattle farmer.  Elsa then will have time to train Heidi with the young flock of Blue Swedish ducks.