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Lab Research - March 2017
Research on Addison’s Disease and Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy
Dr. Anita Oberbauer, UC Davis, Department of Animal Science

Blood samples needed: The technique used for whole genome sequencing (WGS) requires fresh blood samples for DNA extraction. If you have a Bearded Collie who meets any of the health criteria below, please contact us for further instruction to submit a sample to the laboratory.

If you have previously submitted a dog’s sample to the study (buccal or blood) and this dog meets any of the below health criteria, you may resubmit that dog’s sample.   

Links to the UC Davis program for SLO are:



Link to update health information for dogs with previously submitted samples is:


Health criteria and number of dogs needed:
Confirmed primary Addison’s cases diagnosed by ACTH stimulation test with vet records/bloodwork results, diagnosed between 2-6 years old, no corticosteroid use at least 6 months prior to Addison’s diagnosis, and no other concurrent health issues including any other immune disease such as SLO, hypothyroidism, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, etc.  Number needed - 10

2.  Healthy Bearded Collies over the age of 10 years with no health issues either confirmed or suspected.  These healthy dogs will serve as controls for both SLO and Addison’s cases.  Number needed – 10 at least

3.  Confirmed SLO cases diagnosed by a veterinarian based on clinical findings and/or biopsy (with vet records) and no other health issues either confirmed or suspected, including any other immune disease such as Addison’s, hypothyroidism, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, etc.  Number needed – as many as possible

Other Criteria.  From the US.  Reason is to insure rapid handling of blood samples and shipment.


Sample collection and shipment:

1. Shipment of samples will be prepaid by the research laboratory.  Contact research assistant, Janelle Belanger jmbelanger@ucdavis.edu, for instructions on sample collection, health questionnaires and a shipping label.   Note: We are unable to reimburse for costs associated with the blood draw and shipping paid for by the owner or veterinarian cannot be reimbursed.

a. Sample Collection: If the blood sample cannot be shipped right away (within 1-2 days), it should remain in the refrigerator, not the freezer until shipment. We need 2-3cc (ml) of blood minimum (purple top EDTA tube).  The blood sample tube(s) should be labeled with the dog’s name, owner last name and date, and shipped on ice packs (a box with a Styrofoam insert works well). Please note that the UC Davis campus does not receive deliveries on weekends or holidays.

b. Shipping Label

Contact Janelle to obtain a shipping label - effective May 20, 2019

2. Blood draw expenses.

Clinical Research

The role that environmental factors, heredity, and use of preventives for fleas, ticks, or heartworm might have on the development of SLO is not known.  BeaCon initiated work on SLO in 2008 which has continued to the present.   The surveys gathering this clinical information have been closed.


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