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Late summer newsletter with part 1
of series on breeder’s development
of their Kennels (9/6/22):  Bedlam, Sallen, and Ha’Penny Kennels

Link to newsletter

Health Registry Report
for 2020 is available

Genetic Health of the Bearded Collie
Presentation by Dr. Jerry Bell at the
2021 BCCA National Specialty
Health Seminar, Sept 21
(length - 3 hrs; posted 11/8/21)

SLO Support Groups on Facebook
Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy

Both are private groups and have information about treatment protocols that are effective along with other helpful hints.

Dr. Oberbauer’s lab has recently published papers on autoimmune problems in Beardies (SLO, Addisons)

Novel Locus Associated with Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy in the Bearded Collie.  Gershony, et.al. Genes, vol 10, 2019.

DLA class II risk haplotypes for autoimmune diseases in the Bearded Collie offer insight to autoimmunity signatures across dog breeds.  Gershony, et.al. Canine Genetics and Epidemology, 2019.

Genetic Characterization of Addison’s Disease in Bearded Collies.  Gershony, et.al.  BMC Genonmics, 2020


Jeannie of Bothkennar
Family Pedigree
From 1977 BCC Yearbook (posted 10/19)



Collie Eye Anomaly
US Bearded Collie Genetic Diversity

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Home Breeders Health Information Open Registry Donors Memorials Links About Us

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