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BeaCon obtained yearly reports from CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) until 2011. These contain information about dogs who pass the CERF exam and receive a CERF certificate; as well there is a research report which gives a count of heritable and possibly heritable eye diseases.

The most common heritable eye problem over the years has been juvenille cataracts. Since there is variable age of onset for this problem in the younger dog, it was strongly recommended by CERF that breeding dogs have yearly CERF eye exams from age 1 to 5 or 6.

CERF ceased operation in 2014.  The Veterinary Medical Database, which hosted the CERF information is relocating its program to a new location. OFA is now managing the canine eye examination database.  The information in the following links is from the earlier CERF records.

CERF Cumulative Report 1991-1999

CERF Screening Clinic at 1998 BCCA Specialty

CERF exams, cataracts, results from CERF research database. Elsa Sell. Fall, 2003

CERF Statistics, 2005

CERF Statistics, 2006  (see p8)

CERF and Health Screening Goals for the Bearded Collie. By Elsa Sell, 2009

CERF of Sires and Dams. By Elsa Sell, 2009