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Educational Mission

A large part of BeaCon's misson is to provide education. Thus this section of the website has information about general health and diseases, resources, breed health surveys, and past issues of Lighting the Way, BeaCon's biannual newsletter.

There are articles of interest to all Bearded Collie lovers - health issues, training, general health, assorted topics.  Some Oldies but Goodies as well as some updated information.

Permission has been granted from the author and/or publisher, or web site manager for use of each article or web site (for links). Articles have been copyrighted in the process of initial publication, so they may not be reproduced in any other publication without express permission from the original publisher and author. These materials are for you to learn from and share with your veterinarian.

The health material contained herein is not intended to constitute medical advice. Please discuss any medical management questions with your veterinarian.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of material does not mean endorsement by BeaCon. The absence of material from the Web site does not mean absence of endorsement by BeaCon.

Figures and photographs from some articles could not be reproduced for this web site. Data from some figures were translated into tables when the numbers were readily available.

Home Breeders Health Information Open Registry Donors Memorials Links About Us