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Health Conditions

Most health conditions are shared among the many purebred dog breeds.  The frequency of health conditions in a breed are a reflection of genetic influences, environmental exposures, level of herd immunity of other dogs in your dog’s immediate community or extended community in the event of travel.

Thus, most articles on the internet about specific medical conditions are relevant for Bearded Collies. You are encouraged to study these to gain knowledge.  At the same time you need to be cautious and use reliable veterinary and organizational (e.g., AKC CHF) resources for your study.  Finally, there is no substitute for professional veterinary care to resolve medical issues.  Diagnosis by a medical professional is essential before treatments can be instituted.  

Some dog owners today utilize natural or homeopathic approaches. It is important to be aware that some of those products can have adverse effects as well as the potential to interfere with traditionally prescribed medications.  Let your veterinarian know if you use such products.