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Genetic Considerations

Using Inbreeding Coefficients. CA Sharp. Australian Shepherd Health and Genetics Institute.

The Popular Sire. Carol Beuchat, PhD, Scientific Director and Founder of Institute of Canine Biology.

Breadth of Pedigree.  Dr. Carmen Battaglia.

Pedigree Analysis. Dr. Carmen Battaglia. Do you know the difference between a traditional, a stick dog color chart pedigree, and a symbols pedigree? Which one(s) displays information needed to make breeding decisions?

Study of MHC Class II Genes of Bearded Collies Reveals Narrow Diversity. From a Finnish study.

Genetic Diversity

Genetic Diversity and SLO. Sell, Elsa, MD. (See p10)

A Case History of Genetic Diversity in Florida Panthers. (See p 17)

Breed Dilemmas and Extinction.  Dr. Carmen Battaglia.  "Breeders have the power to change and create their breed’s reality. A look at the big picture suggests that it all boils down to whether they will choose to continue on a path of trial and error or whether they are willing to try and make a difference."

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Coefficient of Inbreeding

BeaCon uses Breeder’s Assistant software to calculate COI’s. It is possible to choose the number of ancestor generations and to fine tune the calculation by controlling the treatment of ancestors beyond the number of generations that are visible to the calculation because of multiple occurrences of the same ancestor in different generations of the pedigree. The fine tuning possibilities with Breeder’s Assistant are:

The pedigrees shown in the Open Health Registry have COI calculated for 10 generations and using the relaxed with maximal speed method. When comparing COI values obtained with other software programs the calculation methodology needs to be identical.

Click here for 5 and 10 generation COIs of the dogs in the public section of BeaCon Open Health Registry, April 2016. It is alphabetical by dog's registered name. Since there are 2705 dogs, the document is long.

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