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Advocacy, Elsa Sell

Art, Science and Expectation in Veterinary Diagnosis, Linda Aronson, DVM

Autopsy, The Importance of Autopsy (Necropsy)  Elsa Sell, MD

Behaviour and Training

    Behavior, Linda Aronson, DVM

    Clickers, Linda Aronson, DVM

    Crate Training, Linda Aronson, DVM

    Devoted to Dogs.  How To Be Your Dog's Best Owner.  Book by By Sarah Ferrell.

    Preventing Problems in Puppies, Linda Aronson, DVM

   Training with Premack.  An article on using and understanding Premack Principle to train your Beardies. By Sharon Dunsmore 2011

Cleaning with Green.  Noel Thurner.  First published in Carolina Bearded Collie Club Newsletter

Diabetics Best Friend.  Diabetes Sniffing Dogs.

Diagnosis, Linda Aronson, DVM

Don't Shoot The Messenger - About Breeders and Owners.  CA Sharp

Evolution of Social Cognition, Elsa Sell, MD

History. 125 Years of Ailments and Cures. AKC Gazette.

Kidney Failure, Elsa Sell, MD

Laser Treatment, Linda Aronson, DVM

Living with A Pituitary Cushings

    Price, My Dog with Pituitary Cushings, by Bridgett Howell

Living With Seizures, Linda Aronson, DVM

Owner's Role in Beardie Health, Linda Aronson, DVM

Pain Management.  A World of Pain, Linda Aronson, DVM


    Ethylene Glycol, Linda Aronson, DVM

    Poisoning, Chocolate, Jo Tucker

    Poisoning Potential with Human Medications, Jo Tucker

    Product Warning, Colloidal Silver Products, Linda Aronson, DVM

    Top 10 Most Frequently Reported Poisons.  Pet Poison Helpline.  2011

Posterity, What Legacy You Can Leave, Rhonda Hoven

Second Opinion and First Aid Kit, Linda Aronson, DVM


    Heat Lamps and Fire Danger, Linda Aronson, DVM

        Suffocation.  The danger of plastic bags.


    Beardie Temperament, Lynn Sharpe

    The Beardie Temperament, Linda Aronson, DVM

Veterinary Advances, Latest Advances in Veterinary Procedures, Linda Aronson, DVM

Who Will Take Care of My Dogs? Chris Walkowicz

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