Max's Cassiopeia's Star  

May 20, 1992 - September 1, 2006 



This artwork of Casey with Alan was beautifully rendered by Chet Jezierski from a small photograph. It is a favorite remembrance of a "moment in time" from Casey's life. They were sitting by the Pacific Ocean on a windy day at dusk after attending a day long herding clinic at Kathy Warren's ranch. Casey was with the person she loved.

She came to us in Atlanta and flew with us to her new home in Phoenix. She introduced Alan to herding. That hobby changed our lives. She was both impatient and patient with Alan in their journey together. She loved working cattle; hated ducks. Many a top trainer in the USA commented that Casey was not just a good dog; she was a great dog. Although her herding titles were many, it was the journey that Alan took from complete novice to their successes that matters.

She was never bred yet reared 5 more Beardies from puppyhood to adulthood: Gilli, Brody, C.J., Ceba and Siri. She did this with a firm, but quiet manner. They respected her. She walked with an air of confidence. In many ways, she wasn't really a dog; but a person in a dog suit. What Judi misses most is this: "Honey, I'm home." Those words were from Alan when he arrived home from work. Of course, Casey and I both knew those words weren't for Judi.