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We welcome Liz Ayrton (UK) to the Board of Directors - October 2017

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroid Hypoplasia

Do you know?

What CEA/CH is

How CEA/CH is inherited

The clinical signs of CEA/CH

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Genetic Diversity of US Bearded Collies

Addison’s and SLO Samples

Needed NOW for Research

Dr. Anita Oberbauer’s lab will be doing whole genome sequencing to identify causal genes or mutations for primary Addison’s disease in the Bearded Collie.  In turn, that would lead to development of a clinically useful tool for breeders to integrate into breeding decisions.

Whole genome sequencing requires fresh blood sample for extracting DNA.  

Samples Needed from US Beardies
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Pedigrees Analyzed

AKC Stud book dogs 1977-2015


Founders. Dogs with unknown ancestry (22 in 60’s; 24 by 1980.

Influential early ancestors. Dogs whose qualities and influence are evaluated every generation

Full Report
by Dr. Jerry Bell

Lay Summary
by CA Sharp, ASGHI

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